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Sarnia & District Bowling Association

Executive Directors 1964-65


Ted Chapman                                                 President

Don Graham                                                   1st Vice President

Howard May                                                   2nd Vice President

Hugh Newell                                                   3rd Vice President

Ivan Hillier                                                      4th Vice President

Bob Reeves                                                     Secretary-Treasurer

Lorne Wells                                                     Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

Jerry Little                                                       3 Year Director

Edgar Haddon                                                3 Year Director

Elmer Tennant                                               3 Year Director

Bob Walton                                                    2 Year Director

Ron Kloske                                                     2 Year Director

Bob Oliver                                                      2 Year Director

Claire Paine                                                    1 Year Director

Bob Foster                                                      1 Year Director

Bob LeClair                                                     1 Year Director


House Representatives:


Echo Lanes (Bluewater Bingo Hall)              Don Graham & Howard May

Airey Lanes                                                    Jerry Little & Bob Walton

Nico Lanes (Lake Huron Lanes)                    Hugh Newell & Elmer Tennant

Northgate Bowl                                             Bob Oliver & Claire Paine

Marcin Bowl                                                  Ron Kloske & Ivan Hillier

Highway Bowl                                                Bob Foster & Bob LeClair

National Club                                                 Edgar Haddon



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